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Advance Planning

We charge $150 per hour for advance planning services. Following are some of the documents we can provide to help you plan in advance for the "just in case" things that might happen in the future.

Will – A will is a document that expresses a person’s wishes for their property and children after they die.


Advance Directive – An advance directive is a written statement of a person’s wishes in case they are unable to act for themselves. The cost for an Advance Directive is typically $100.00 and includes (among other things) a:


  • Living Will – A living will is a written statement of what medical treatment a person wants in the event they are not able to express themselves due to injury or illness.

  • Health Care Power of Attorney – A health care power of attorney is a power of attorney to make health care decisions for another person. It typically is a conditional power of attorney meaning that the power to make health care decisions for another person does not take effect unless the other person is unconscious or otherwise unable to express their own wishes.

Power of Attorney: A power of attorney is a document that specifies who can act for you. It can take effect immediately or it can be conditional, meaning it does not take effect until a certain event (such as becoming unable to act for yourself).

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