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Divorce is difficult enough. Going through a divorce without a qualified attorney at your side is worse. That’s where Nancy Burnett Law comes in. We are ready and qualified to help you understand your rights and responsibilities. This will enable you to make the best decisions for yourself.


We encourage agreement-based divorce where possible by offering some of the lowest prices in the area. Post-divorce quality of life is directly related to how the divorce is resolved. If there is long, bitter litigation, the chances of bitterness continuing after the divorce are high. If the parties can find a way to reach a fair agreement to shorten the process and decrease the stress, their post-divorce quality of life is likely to be better. However, if an agreement is not possible, we are there for you, too!

Message Nancy on our Facebook Page or email her at Call her legal assistant or leave a message for Nancy at (706) 280-7152. For more information about her, see her About page.

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